Global Esports Games Next Stop:ISTANBUL

Having managed to introduce the phenomenon of "Modern Era Istanbul" to the world from the perspective of culture and arts by being selected as the 2010 European Capital of Culture in the past years and having hosted different textures and voices throughout history, Istanbul was soon selected as the European Capital of Sports in 2012.

Istanbul, which has managed to be remembered as the culture and sports capital of the recent past, is on stage this time to bring together esports stars and fans after 10 years!

Istanbul, which is among the leading metropolises of Europe with its cosmopolitan structure, its unique formation beyond the ordinary, its historical background, its contemporary and technology intertwined, now counts the days for a hospitality that will make a name for itself in the Global Esports Games event, as it is in every field.

The tournament, which is planned to take place between 15-17 December 2022, provides Istanbul with the opportunity to show its centuries-old multicultural structure in the field of esports and introduce it to the world, with the participation of strong teams and players from many parts of the world.

AboutGlobal Esports Federation

From our world headquarters in Singapore and strategic hubs around the world, the Global Esports Federation promotes the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports. Powered by our universal values and Member Federations, we convene athletes, players, developers and publishers, community partners, and sporting organizations on one inclusive platform.

In addition to a prestigious global event portfolio, together with our strategic partners, we collaborate on a series of Global Social Impact Initiatives (GSII) to create positive social impact.

Inspired by our motto – #worldconnected – our mission calls for the development of tangible initiatives that are in service to the world’s esports community.


Istanbul Sports Events and Management Trade Inc. (Spor Istanbul) was established in 1989 as a shareholding company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In order to strengthen the physical and mental health of the people of Istanbul, it prioritized the use of sports facilities and active participation in sports activities.

Operating the sports halls of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, organizing technical, educational, sportive, touristic competitions, festivals, exhibitions, excursions, camps, conferences, seminars and courses, national and international in all branches of sports, researching and training activities are among its priority activities. Since its establishment, it has gained significant success and experience in sports facility management, organization and actualisation of national and international sports organizations.

With the aim of increasing the quality of social life, Spor Istanbul offers various opportunities for the residents of the city to do regular and conscious sports in modern conditions in all sports facilities. In addition, it takes important steps to establish a modern infrastructure for Turkish sports to bring in new athletes and to provide opportunities for our disabled athletes.

Standing out with its knowledge and organizational skills gained thanks to the dozens of international organizations it has held in many different branches from chess to karate, from basketball to volleyball, from rowing to sailing, from athletics to table tennis, Spor Istanbul is proud of having an active role in our country's sporting achievements and providing service in the sports field.


The Turkish Esports Federation Presidency was established under the General Directorate with the approval of the Ministry Authority in April 2018, following the decision made at the meeting of the Central Advisory Board in March 2018. Alper Afşin ÖZDEMİR was elected as the Founding President of the Federation during the Ordinary General Assembly.

Our aim; As the manager and representative of Turkish esports on national and international platforms, the main responsibility of TESFED is to work for the growth of Turkish esports and to develop the Turkish Esports Federation brand.

Our vision; As one of the most successful and innovative federations in international sports competition, player development, organization of high-level events and management of esports, to make Turkey the number one e-sports country and to create the Turkish esports school that is accepted in the world.

Our Mission; Contribute to Turkish esports through a value system based on domestic and national principles. Help build a better world where Turkish young people succeed in international platforms as hardworking and determined individuals, and to play a constructive role in society.


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